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Strill by CainePearson Strill :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 3 0 8/8 continents for 8 Realms by CainePearson 8/8 continents for 8 Realms :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 2 0 Oc: Green Flash : 02 by CainePearson Oc: Green Flash : 02 :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 4 0 OC: Ghost  by CainePearson OC: Ghost :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 4 0 Commition: Gramps : Ref 01 by CainePearson Commition: Gramps : Ref 01 :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 4 2 Continent Draft: 4/8 Of 8 Realms  by CainePearson Continent Draft: 4/8 Of 8 Realms :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 1 0 Continent Draft: 3/8 of 8 Realms  by CainePearson Continent Draft: 3/8 of 8 Realms :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 0 0 Continent Draft : 2/8 of 8 Realms  by CainePearson Continent Draft : 2/8 of 8 Realms :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 0 0 Continent Draft: 1/8 For 8 Realms  by CainePearson Continent Draft: 1/8 For 8 Realms :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 1 0 Commition: Gramps 01 by CainePearson Commition: Gramps 01 :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 8 0
Common Playable Races
Halflings are shorter and often considered to be more agile than humans, or even goblins. They are often considered to be an off-breed of humans, but are a completely different race.
Dark Elf
Dark Elves are elves that have succumbed to unholy magic and thus have become corrupted.
Dark Orc
Dark Orcs are orcs that have succumbed to unholy magic and thus have become corrupted.
Forest Elf
Elves born in the deep forests — raised around the trees. They are known for their connection to nature, and softer tendencies. They make excellent thieves and magisters of every kind.
Sky Elf
Sky Elves are among some of the rarest forms of elves. These elves are seen with their translucent wings, taking many shapes and sizes. They have the ability to fly, at the sacrifice of having fragile bones and more frail bodies. However, they make excellent marksmen and magisters.
Snow Elf
Elves born in the tundras and snowy lands- they are often found with a pale complexion and high relation to Ice
:iconcainepearson:CainePearson 3 4
Item Qualities/Rarities
Items here have a prefix quality and rarity to show how much they are valued, how important they are, and how effective they are. Here are the list of the following rarities from least to greatest.
Common is as it states - common. You can find any item that falls under this category in numerous quantities, and they don't have that much value to them. A Common item can be found nearly at any respective shop where it would reside, and on most enemies.
Uncommon items are the second-most common of items, having been able to found in at least a couple quantities at common shops and dungeons, and yield a bit more of a benefit, contrary to Common.
Rare items are a significant step up from common, having some exceptional qualities to that of their norm. They will often be yielded as rewards for mini-boss fights, or any tough occasion. Rare items should be treated with respect, and used faithfully.
Very Rare
Very Rare items are of exceptional quality, a step up from Rare. T
:iconcainepearson:CainePearson 1 0
Profile Template
Character Profile Template
When I make my profiles, I tend to start them off with some kind of quote - a short sentence or two the Oc in question might say. Quotes tend to set the scene for the character you are looking at - One can easily tell if the character is good, bad or neutral by their quotes. Quotes also show you can play the character - it's all in the words!
To be honest, names don't always have to be flashy - I tend to make mine up on the spot by stringing letters together until it sounds cool, but normal names work just as well. Always remember - is it worth having a cool sounding name you can't always remember to spell? Long names look neat, but are hard to pronounce and if YOU can't spell them, chances are nobody else can either!
Other name(s):
What you'l want here is titles your character may be known as - either ones other oc's will already know your oc by, or ones you may have gained in your bio. When you update your oc after a good time rp-ing, you may
:iconcainepearson:CainePearson 3 0
Class Guidelines E.W
there are many different types of soldiers. Here is a list of them all.
For as long as war has raged, heroes from every race have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat. Some protect from the front lines with shields, locking down enemies while allies support the warrior from behind with spell and bow. Others forgo the shield and unleash their rage at the closest threat with a variety of deadly weapons.
+ Slightly above-average defense.
+ Higher than normal physical damage output.
- Susceptible to long-range weaponry, including magic.
- Often outmaneuvered by cunning and agile opponents.
[Dark Knight]
Knights can do everything a warrior can do but dark knights in this world are granted power straight from the darkness. Dark knights are the opposite of paladins, they use darkness to kill their enemies. They can use black fire to destroy anything in their path or use it t
:iconcainepearson:CainePearson 1 0
Gramps by CainePearson Gramps :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 3 0 Old Apperence of my Oc:  Maric Kir by CainePearson Old Apperence of my Oc: Maric Kir :iconcainepearson:CainePearson 19 0

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